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AAV Media is a leading company founded in Australia. We are dedicated to being the most qualified and technologically savvy LED & LCD digital signage supplier to the market.  These include indoor and outdoor digital LED signage systems, LCD video screens, pop-up advertising screens and software / smart phone app’s to suit our range of products.

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Mission Statement.

We offer you the ability to discover: the details, the publicity, the film, the presentation, the game.

We understand that it is not about technology. It’s all about what you have to do and what you have to showcase.

We are offering cutting grade and edge solutions both available in LED or LCD emerging technologies with temporary and permanent digital signage solutions with tailored made software to suit.

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The primary goal of AAV Media is on how audiences are using our displays. What features matter to you, exactly. The contexts that you are using them in. We’ll listen. We’ll understand. We’ll learn. Through our hard work and dedication; we focus on helping you solve issues you might not even know you have.

Built On Quality

Pride in delivering the best equipment and the latest technologies to ensure that we fulfil our promises to the communities we support and provide the high-quality service our people are willing to buy.

Easy Remote Management

Using our tailored software suite or, if you prefer, manage the content of your AAV display system remotely and in real-time. We're operating with a vast network of outstanding companies to maintain the highest product and service possible. Together we support the retailers to meet with their clients and connect with them. It is all about keeping people connected!

Robust Solutions

We develop state-of-the-art applications that place potential customers at the forefront of digital retail transformation, linking them to their targeted market and creating an engaging user experience environment. We analyze each scenario, identify criteria, generate a thought-out plan, and build and execute a tailored solution customized for the particular requirements.

24/7 Technical Support

Professional technical facilities are a pillar of AAV Media's highly accomplished reputation, from the on-site physical evaluations to detection and online monitoring. All AAV Media software is cloud-based and is remotely controlled 24 * 7 * 365; we find out about it before you in the unlikely scenario you face.